Meet Writer Emergency Pack.

Writer Emergency Pack is a deck full of useful ideas designed to help get your story back on track.

“Writer Emergency Pack is your portable tool for story resuscitation (or simply creativity rejuvenation).”

–Baihley Grandison, Writer’s Digest

Love for Writer Emergency Pack

Writers love it

Writers love Writer Emergency Pack. It’s quick, useful and tosses easily into a bag. That makes it a perfect gift.

Writers love it

Writer Emergency Pack is great for fiction writers of all ages. Whether you’re writing a novel, a screenplay or a short story, you’ll find it’s there to get you out of a jam.


Writer Emergency Pack also works great in the classroom. Thanks to our Kickstarter backers, we’re delivering 8,000 decks to youth writing programs across the nation.

Gets stories unstuck

When your story gets stuck, Writer Emergency Pack has the tools you need. Fix plot holes. Spice up stock characters. Rethink your themes.

Writer Emergency Pack gives you the questions that lead to great answers.


Each Pack Contains:

  • 26 illustrated Idea cards
  • 26 Detail cards with helpful suggestions and specific tips to try
  • Instructions for individual and class use, plus a bonus story game (“Cards Against Normality”)